Personal Protective Equipment

Providing employees a safe and healthful working environment is the university’s policy. This can be accomplished with accepted engineering and administrative controls such as a change in process, elimination of process, chemical substitution, etc., to reduce hazardous exposure to safe levels. Where these methods are not practical or adequate, employees should use personal protective equipment (PPE) to reduce exposure levels.

The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Program helps employees identify work situations requiring the use of PPE, and trains them in the proper selection and use of PPE and documentation of this information.

Do not rely on PPE devices as the only means to provide protection against hazards. The best approach is to abate the hazard first through engineering and administrative controls. If these methods do not control the hazard, PPE should then be used to provide worker protection.

This program will be used in conjunction with other university policies and procedures involving the protection of workers in the workplace.

Persons overseeing or visiting job sites must wear appropriate personal protective equipment.
The fact sheet Personal Protective Equipment Required to Visit a Jobsite gives guidance for these situations.