For increased pedestrian safety, the university encourages you to leave your personal vehicles at home when you come to campus. There are a number of alternative commuting options, including walking, biking, taking public transit, or ride-sharing with your neighbors. Once you are on campus, Zipcars can be used for off-campus meetings or personal appointments.

  • Driving Alternatives

    The university encourages healthy, efficient, economic, and sustainable forms of transportation for students, employees, and campus visitors including:

  • Driving Maps

    Not all streets and associated rights-of-way on campus are owned by the university. In some cases the City of Champaign, the City of Urbana, the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), or other units of government own rights-of-way within the campus. Additionally, the university-owned streets, parking lots, and pathways are under the responsibility of various campus departments, such as University Housing, the Parking Department, the Maintenance Division, or individual departments.

  • Driving Safety

    There are numerous crosswalks on campus, and it is important to understand drivers' rights and responsibilities at these key crossings. Illinois State Law requires vehicles to stop for pedestrians in crosswalks. On the University of Illinois campus, it is important to take that a step further and watch for pedestrians stepping into the path of your vehicle. Drive defensively on campus. Do not let someone else's mistake involve you in a fatal accident.

    • Exercise “due care” to avoid hitting pedestrians, regardless of right-of-way.
    • Yield the right-of-way to any pedestrian with clearly visible disabilities.
    • Do not pass another vehicle that has stopped to let a pedestrian cross.
    • When exiting driveways and alleys, approach sidewalk crossings slowly and yield to pedestrians and bicyclists.
    • Park responsibly. Do not park on the sidewalk, or block crosswalks, bike paths, or curb ramps.

    Do Not Use a Cell Phone While Driving!

  • Parking

    Visitors, students, faculty, and staff can purchase temporary permits, annual permits, and daily passes from the Parking Department.

    The Parking Department is responsible for university-owned parking lots and meters. The cities of Urbana and Champaign also own meters on campus. Meter rates of $1/hour may be paid by coins (quarters, dimes, or nickels), CashKey, or PayByPhone. CashKeys are programmable keys which may be loaded with $10 to $100 for each meter provider, eliminating the need to carry coins. The PayByPhone service allows you to call or use a phone application to pay for metered parking with a credit card. The service even sends you a text message when your meter is about to expire, giving you the option to add time directly from your phone.

    Seasonal Parking
    If you bicycle, walk, or take a motorcycle during the nicer weather, you can get an annual permit for only the winter months. Faculty/staff members or students who plan to drive to campus during cold weather months or will be on campus for only part of the year may request seasonal parking. Seasonal access to parking is available in non-waitlisted lots, and is not available for shuttle lots or special shift permits.

    Shuttle Parking
    North Shuttle Lot B22 and South Shuttle Lot E14 are available for faculty and staff who want to park at a significantly lower cost and take the MTD to their destination. Students may also be eligible to park in E14. Please contact Parking for eligibility requirements for these lots. 

    For more information about parking options and eligibility requirements, visit the Parking website or contact Parking at 217-333-3530.