Get Involved - Biking Clubs & Events


Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)

BikeFace is “the student face of CU's bicycle community.” The purpose of BikeFace is to act as a liaison between students and the bicycle community of the greater Champaign-Urbana area including but not limited to The Bike Project, Campus Bike Center and sustainable transportation efforts. In the capacity of liaison, the RSO will connect those interested in bicycle maintenance, utility, and sport.

Illini 4000 is a non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against cancer, the support of those affected by cancer, and the documentation of how cancer impacts the lives of Americans. Through our annual cross-country bike ride, we reach out to new communities and new individuals each year spreading our message of hope and awareness.

Bicycle Ambassador Program

Bicycle Ambassadors are bicycling enthusiasts working to promote cycling and improve bicycle culture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Interested students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to apply to become a Bicycle Ambassador at any point throughout the year. Learn more about the program and how to apply at . To request a Bicycle Ambassador for your event or program, please email

Community Organizations

Champaign County Bikes is a grassroots group of citizens working together to make Champaign County the most bicyclist friendly county in the Midwest.

The Bike Project is a non-profit, charitable organization of bicycle users whose mission is to educate and empower the community by providing a welcoming space to learn about bicycle repair, engage in maintenance practices, and promote safe operation through outreach and advocacy activities.

Prairie Cycle Club (PCC) began in 1971 as a local not-for-profit group to organize and coordinate bicycle events. It serves the needs of all types of bicyclists including recreational riders, touring cyclists, long distance riders, commuters, racers, and ultra marathon competitors. Families, students, singles, couples, seniors - all - are welcome to ride with the PCC and participate in other PCC activities.

Lead a Friday Night Bicycle Ride from the Campus Bike Center

Every Friday, at 5:30 PM, the Campus Bike Center closes and people gather for a fun and casual bike ride. Sign-up here to volunteer to lead a ride.