Campus Bike Center

The Campus Bike Center — a collaboration between the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and The Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign — is dedicated to empowering individuals with knowledge about how to repair and maintain bicycles and encouraging mode-shift away from single-occupancy vehicles.  This educational center offers hands-on experiential learning. By empowering people with the ability to fix a bicycle and providing a connection between the campus and the community, the Campus Bike Center promotes bicycling, collaboration, and civic spirit.

More information about membership fees, benefits, location, and hours are available on the center’s website.

Bicycle Registration

Bicycle registration is free and required for all bicycles on campus. Register at by logging in with your active directory username and password. The Campus Bike Center will distribute a registration sticker to you after registration is complete. If you are a community member and do not have an active directory login, you can fill out the registration information in person at the Campus Bike Center and receive your sticker.