Bicycle Parking

There are over 500 bike parking locations on campus (map), and about half of these are high quality inverted U racks. We are working steadily to upgrade all bike parking on campus to the inverted U standard.  

The Campus Bicycle Ordinance prohibits locking your bicycle to anything other than a bicycle parking rack. If the bike parking location at your destination is full, do not park on a rail, post, or tree. Instead, use another nearby bike parking area. A bicycle parked anywhere that is not a designated bike parking area may be impounded, and parked bicycles creating a safety hazard or impeding traffic flow will be removed. If you think your bike may have been impounded, contact the Parking Department at 217-333-3530 or to retrieve it.

Between August 4, 2011 and March 9, 2016, there were 373 bicycle thefts reported to the University of Illinois Police Department (UIPD).  This number is beleived to be a low estimate, due to under-reporting, and because some bike thefts on campus may have been reported to the local Champaign or Urbana city Police Departments. 

That is an average of 82 reported bicycle thefts a year!

To reduce the chance that your bike will be stolen, use two locks, each with a different locking mechanism.

Remember to register your bike to help reduce the risk of theft and to increase the chances of retrieving your bike if it is stolen, lost, or impounded.

Mckinley bike parking