Bicycle Registration

bike registration poster

Students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to register their bicycles. Registration serves as a deterrent to theft and can help in the recovery of lost, stolen, and impounded bicycles. It also enables the university to plan more accurately for improved bicycle parking and other infrastructure on campus.

Registration is free and can conveniently be completed online at You will need to provide the bicycle's serial number, manufacturer, model, and color, along with your contact information. You may also upload a picture of the bicycle and owner.

Bicycles May Be Registered At:

Locating Your Bike’s Serial Number

The majority of serial numbers are located under the bottom bracket where the two pedal cranks meet. Simply turn your bike upside down and record the number. If the serial number is not there, then check places like the headset at the front of the bike or the rear stays. The diagram below indicates the five most common serial number locations.

Locating your bikes serial number