Construction Services

Construction Services

Construction Services manages construction, remodeling, and renovation projects typically under $250,000 and no more than $500,000 without written permission from Campus Administration. There are three options available for project delivery through Construction Services. 

  • F & S Crafts and Trades
  • Contractor Services
  • Job Order Contracting (JOC)


Contact the Service Office to submit a work request. Please provide the following: 

Required Information

  • Work order type
  • Building number
  • Description of work
  • Account number

Recommended Information

  • Contact (if other than the requester)
  • Scope and/or budget information (may be attached as a separate document)
  • Date by which the project must be completed
  • Preferred delivery method
  • Special instructions for project execution


Once you submit a work request, the Service Office creates a work order and routes to the appropriate construction superintendent.

In-House Construction Services

F&S Crafts & Trades offer quality craftsmanship and competitively priced labor with the added benefit of an unsurpassed knowledge of the campus facilities and customers. Most projects, excluding the construction of new facilities, can be done within this department. 

To begin a project with F&S Crafts & Trades, submit a service request through the my.FS Portal. A project coordinator will obtain a scope of work, budget, and time schedule. Work can be done on a time and material or fixed cost basis.

More information about specific Crafts & Trades are available at:

Contractor Services

Contractor Services provides campus clients with a "One Stop" program for using the services of contractors. Contractors respond to a request for proposal posted on the Illinois Public Higher Education Procurement Bulletin stating which of the 30 divisions of work they can perform and providing an hourly rate for each trade. You may work directly with the contractor to determine the scope and price of a project.

You can check out some information on unit responsibility and accountability here. Or, click here to read up on contractor mandatory requirements.

General Rules

  • No more than $100,000 per contractor per project, including change orders
  • No more than $250,000 cumulative total contracts when using multiple contractors 


Job Order Contracting (JOC)

Job Order Contracting (JOC) uses pre-approved and pre-qualified contractors to perform a wide variety of renovation, repair, and minor construction projects. It is not used for new capital construction.

JOC is an appropriate choice when delivery times and the type and quantity of work are well defined. Using contractors familiar with campus enables timely delivery and low overhead cost of construction procurement and execution. See the timeline for a typical JOC projectand a JOC process workflow. Costs are based on standard pricing and specifications using a published unit price book. 

Benefits of JOC

  • Reduced bidding duration
  • Quick startup
  • Commissioning & Inspection component
  • Known pricing through competitive bidding
  • Smooth change order process to meet customer requirements more quickly
  • Long-term relationship with contractor
  • Performance-based incentive for contractor to maintain and renew contract 


Starting a Project

JOC begins with a work request to the Service Office. Customers should specify JOC and provide as much information about the project as possible, including scope and estimates. If it is determined to be the best method of delivery, the project is assigned to the JOC Project Specialist. 

Project scoping is not part of the basic contract and is an additional service available through Engineering Services.

General Rules

  • No more than $250,000 per project, including combined services of F&S, Contractor Services, and Job Order Contracting

These options may also be combined for successful project delivery.