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The Space Inventory includes data related to buildings, floors, rooms, use, occupant and area for over 20 million square feet of University space. This information may be accessed by approved staff through the University’s Archibus Web Central interface. Please read below for instructions on how to begin an account setup.

Requesting Access

To request an Archibus Web Central account please complete the “Request Web Central Account” form. Before submitting, the form must be signed by the applicant's “Unit Approver” (this is typically a facility manager at the college or unit level). 

User Account Role Definitions

Campus Space Role: View All Campus Space / Edit Space for a specified College
Department Space Role: View All Space in a specified College / Edit Space for specified Departments within the College
Campus Viewer Role: View All Space in a specified College / No Editing  

Facilities and Services employees may request an account by sending a ticket to "FandS Support Desk" with subject line: “Request access to Archibus Web Central.” F&S employees will be assigned the Facilities and Services role. 


For step-by-step instructions please refer to the Help section below and download our “Archibus Web Central Users Guide” We also offer one-to-one or group training upon request.


Web Central New User Guide PDF
Reference Guide #1 PDF
Reference Guide #2 PDF

Look-Up Tables
Occupant - College, Department, Division XLS
Use and Use Type XLS 


Login to Archibus Web Central here.

For additional information and support, email: