Space Inventory/Data

The Space Inventory Unit collects, maintains, and reports on over 20 million square feet of University space. This information may be accessed by approved staff through the University’s Archibus Web Central interface. To learn more and request an account, go to Archibus Web Central.

The university's space inventory source of record contains the following types of information:

Space Inventory Image

Floor Plans CAD & PDF

Building Data

  • Property Code, Name, Address & Ownership

  • Gross Square Feet (GSF)

  • Net Assignable  Square Feet (NASF)

  • Date Built and Date Demolished

Floor Data

  • Floor Code

  • Gross Square Feet

  • Net Assignable Square Feet

Room Data

  • Location Codes

  • Square Feet

  • Occupant (College, Department, Division)

  • Use Category & Use Type

  • Splits & Shares

Contact: Kimberly McLaughlin, Facilities Information Management Specialist.

Space Inventory Image