Local Artists Turn Drains into Murals

Sep 09, 2013
Work will begin on murals in September and scenes are expected to be completed by October 31.
CHAMPAIGN, IL (September 9, 2013) – Don’t be concerned when sea monsters start appearing across from the City of Champaign building or when aquatic life finds a new home on the Second Street bridge. Kid-friendly, colorful, funky street murals featuring these and other scenes will soon brighten up Champaign-Urbana’s streets while bringing attention to protecting local waterways.

Mural paintingThirteen stormwater management themed murals will be located in downtown and midtown Champaign, around Urbana Park District locations, and on the Engineering campus to emphasize that only rainwater should make its way into storm drain inlets.

Local artists will begin work on murals in September and are expected to complete their scenes by October 31. The murals will highlight the need for stopping trash from reaching receiving streams and last for approximately three to five years.

The storm drain mural project is a collaboration between the Public Art League, the Champaign County Design & Conservation Foundation, the Champaign County Soil & Water Conservation District, the City of Champaign, the Urbana Park District, and the University of Illinois.

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