Waste Management & Recycling

Waste Management & Recycling supports the campus goal to reduce the amount of material entering the waste stream. There are more than 1,000 recycling bins on campus in which to place paper, plastic, and aluminum cans, as well as a newspaper and cardboard drop-off location at the southeast corner of Oak Street and Kirby Avenue in Parking Lot E14.

The Waste Transfer Station operates daily recycling routes in addition to its regular trash routes. Trash is compacted and shipped to a landfill at a cost to the university. The recyclables collected from campus are manually sorted and deposited in storage bins, then compressed into large bales. Waste Management & Recycling sells those and other recyclable materials to various companies.

Have You Bin Recycling?

The university diverts more than 50% of its waste from landfills, but the goal is to reach 75% before 2020. Print out your own acceptable materials list to ensure all recyclables make it into the appropriate containers.

Helpful Links

​Recycling flyers and bin labels link
Bin Labels

Recycling Bins Image

Acceptable Materials

Bins for Paper

Office Paper: All Types
Envelopes: All Types
Junk Mail
Ream Wrappers
Phone Books
Manila and File Folders

Cardboard *
Carbon Paper
Fax Paper
Candy Wrappers
Metal Report Covers
Paper Towels
Blue Prints
* Contact facility managers or BSW for best recycling practices. To recycle large quantities of books, please call Waste Management & Recycling.

Bins for Bottles & Cans

With Lids Removed
Plastic (#1 & #2)


​Other Plastics
Steel, Tin, Glass

Deskside for Paper Blue Bin

Use a deskside paper bin to collect materials for personal transfer to a full-size paper bin.