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Utilities & Energy Services (UES) provides safe, reliable, environmentally compliant, cost-effective energy and other utilities to support the academic mission. These services are provided by Abbott Power Plant, the Campus Chilled Water System (CCWS), a network of steam and electrical systems, natural gas transmission pipelines, and sanitary and storm sewers.

The University of Illinois is continuously upgrading its utility production, distribution, and monitoring capabilities to proactively shape its energy enterprise. Funding from campus, student fees, and energy conservation grants allow the university to integrate new technologies and streamline the processes of this $100M per year utility enterprise. Since FY08, the university has reduced energy use per square foot by 24​%. This exceeds the 2010 Illinois Climate Action Plan (iCAP) goal of a 30​% reduction by FY15.

FY15 Energy Usage Trend

Utilities and Energy Services plays a major role in the energy conservation initiatives on campus. Retrocommissioning teams, Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) programs, and the Energy Management Control Center (EMCC) have delivered significant and lasting energy-reduction results for the university.

The Energy Conservation Incentive Program (ECIP), started in FY14, aims to make the university a leader in sustainable, energy-reduction practices for the future by encouraging the behavioral and structural changes of academic units in cooperation with building occupants. The program rewards facilities with funding for building upgrades.

group imageEnergy Management Systems (EMS) Controls department operates and maintains control systems in university buildings using the new Energy Management Control Center. This department includes Direct Digital Control (DDC) Programmers, DDC Electricians, and Temperature Control Mechanics. A significant effort is underway to update existing control systems with the latest technology, improving efficiency and the building environment.

UES’ Business Operations is responsible for tracking the metering, billing, and reporting of campus’ energy usage. Business Operations provides financials for all UES budgets and utility commodity rate setting, including analysis of related capital projects and ECIP data tracking. Administrative units receive real-time energy consumption and cost information through the Energy Billing System (EBS).