Building Maintenance Work Zones

The Urbana campus is divided by work load into 6 work zones. Each zone has a Zone Supervisor and a staff of qualified craft and trade workers in the fields of carpentry, electrical, painting, plumbing, and HVAC repairs. These employees are assigned to complete building maintenance work.

The goal of Zone Maintenance is to:

    Apportion the Work Force More Efficiently

    Three zone offices are located in the heart of campus with 2 Zone Managers in each office for coverage and shared resources.

    Maintain or Improve Service Levels

    Zone Managers schedule daily and PM work, and maximize resources through planning with the Work Management Center Planners. A mobile workforce assigned to a specific area benefits from familiarity with the buildings, equipment, and recurring problems. This improves responsiveness and offers more accountability to supervisors in the field.

    Maximize Budget

    Budget is allocated based on broad work categories and zones rather than shops. An increased focus on preventive maintenance, in concert with deferred maintenance funded projects, will maximize work accomplished with building maintenance funding.