Campus Street Project Information

August-September 2015

Mid-Block Crosswalk Permanent Installation

A trial crosswalk on Sixth Street between the Business Instructional Facility and Wohlers Hall was installed in September 2014 as part of a trial program to emphasize pedestrian safety in the area. See Location Map. Traffic counts, camera monitoring, and additional data gathering techniques were used to evaluate the effectiveness of the street enhancements through November 2014. The crosswalk featured new pavement markings, a painted median, a temporary ramp on the west side of the street, reflective traffic delineators, and barriers on the curb line to help direct pedestrians. See Detailed Drawing.

Future options for the crosswalk, including becoming a permanent installation, were determined based on impacts to safety, traffic congestion, pedestrian usage, and feedback from the campus community.    Results from a Trial Crosswalk Assessment from January 2015 are available. The study includes crosswalk-user, driver, and bicyclist opinion surveys along with traffic data analysis, and visual observation information. The trial program was a collaboration between F&S, College of Business, Campus Parking, and regional partners in the Champaign Urbana Urbanized Area Transportation Study (CUUATS). CUUATS is the transportation entity of the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission.

In early 2015, an evaluation was made of the operation of the trial crosswalk, public input received, and traffic data collection.  Based on this information, the trial was successful and F&S Transportation Demand Management staff along with representatives from the College of Business moved forward with planning for the permanent installation of the crosswalk.  Curb Ramp Installation.

The permanent installation will make use the existing striping layout and install a permanent sidewalk ramp and curb bump out on the west side of the Sixth Street at the location of the existing temporary ramp. Work is planned to begin on August 2​4, 2015 and be complete by the end of September 2015.  Additional replacement parking is also planned to be constructed on Lorado-Taft Drive to the south of the project area.

Summer 2015

Facilities & Services coordinated with multiple campus stakeholders in project planning and design and provided regular communication during summer road construction projects. The summer months, with a reduced number of students and faculty at the university, provide an ideal window to execute major road construction projects and minimize some of the potential inconveniences to the campus community.

Goodwin Avenue Extended at College of Veterinary Medicine
This project will provide surface repairs to the oil and chip access roadway (Goodwin Avenue extended) from St. Mary’s Road south and on the west side of the College of Veterinary Medicine. Minor drainage improvements will also be made at the intersection of Goodwin Avenue extended and Hazelwood Drive with some additional full-depth pavement repairs planned at that corner.

Fourth Street Utilities Infrastructure

This project will repair steam tunnel infrastructure at the intersection of Fourth Street and Gregory Drive beginning in July.  Fourth Street will be closed just south of Gregory Drive to accommodate this work.

Update:  Starting Wednesday, July 8, a section of Fourth Street, just south of Gregory Drive, will be closed for steam tunnel infrastructure repair. This work will primarily impact traffic travelling along Fourth Street, necessitating route detours. The south sidewalk in front of Huff Hall and Clark Hall Housing Administration  will also be closed to accommodate this work. 

Sanitary Sewer Force Main Replacement

The Urbana Champaign Sanitary District (USCD) will place a new sanitary sewer force main that extends into campus immediately following Commencement. The total project will be constructed from the northwest corner of Scott Park in Champaign to the intersection of Fourth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.  On campus, the new force main will be constructed along Fourth Street between Armory Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue.  The project will necessitate the closure of East Peabody Drive, from Fourth Street to Sixth Street, starting on Thursday, May 21.  (For updates on approved closures please visit approved-closures).

Project Location Map pdf